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Which single aspect excluding the superbowl will you take from the season as a whole?

Originally posted by SFL49ER:
For me its that Aldon Smith is not the passrush olb we thought he would be. If he isnt going to get stronger and play with more passion and fight, then he will be just a notch better than Manny Lawson was. And I stand by that. I was watching him almost all game ab d he has a great first step with big hands, but when he gets hit back, he backs off and avoids reengaging on the play. I seen some quit in him on the biggest stage.

This is not good for our future if he cant step up his play because we for sure are not getting a 28 year old Justin Smith

This bothers me to no end!! I watched him quit endless times last night especially on a run right by him on the outside where he couldve got a hand on pierce or the ball to disrupt his momentum. His sacks are great but his lack of diligence may prove to be more of a liability
Yeah, it's Kap and the offense...they've turned the corner and are no longer a limitation/liability. Now it's the defense that needs to be reworked. In past years, there's no way the offense got down early and came back. But, it's the getting down early part that must change...retooling the defense can fix that. Plenty of draft picks and some key FA's can turn things around quickly. Back to the O, Trent will need to improve the WR corps, given Manningham's injury and Moss retiring or being released. One definite draft pick: Zach Ertz, gifted Stanford TE who knows Harbaugh's system. Instantly gives Kap a potentially great RZ target and real mismatch for defenses. Now that we have a game-changing QB, Baalke's job is to insure he has enough weapons at his disposal.
Unprepared or out coached at least 6 times
The one takeaway from this season is that this team is about to go on a decade long run of being a top tier team. Our defense fell off at the end of the season but our offense took a major step forward. Luckily we have 14 picks to establish some defensive depth/rotations so they stay fresh past December. Also, a healthy Fleming, Johnson, and Haralson to add into the mix. We got what? Like 17/18 starters under contract for next season, this team is in a perfect position to reload the roster and get better quality depth who can contribute in the future.
Things that make sense like, defense can be exposed, Akers, out coached early..... BUT for me it's our newest franchise QB. Without a doubt, it's been awesome, stressful and rewarding to watch this kid grow so much in a short period of time and be things that none of us thought he could be. He has done it all and then some a super high level that I never knew he could hit so precisely so early. His running was a given and knew it was his first intangible, but to watch him display a full use of different skills I didn't know he was ready to put together is amazing!! He will grow with this offense and we will be so explosive and impossible to defend no matter how many stupid points we give up. By opening day next fall we will see the beginning of something we haven't seen for over a decade and that's our QB can go out and be or compete with any other QB in the NFL, pass for pass!!
Franchise QB finally!
lotta love for a qb that is the first one in 49er history to lose a superbowl.
Just like most people here, the biggest thing for me is Kaepernick and how explosive the offense has become with him. But the other thing I've learned, unfortunately, is that our defense is not as good as we thought it was. It has some serious holes that need to be fixed. If we can get our defense to perform at an elite level, this team can be unstoppable.
Originally posted by rk1642:
lotta love for a qb that is the first one in 49er history to lose a superbowl.

None of the other QB's were starting only their tenth game in the Super Bowl. None of the other QB's had to watch their defense and Special Teams give up 28 points by the beginning of the 3rd quarter. And the other QB's lost several playoff games and NFC Championship games; is that better? Kap was able to get the team to the Super Bowl with only half a season under his belt. I am not in any way comparing him to our great QB's at this point, but let's keep things in perspective.

And...the biggest positive from the SB and the playoffs as a had better drop at least 30 on the Niners if you want a chance at winning. That's how f**king explosive our offense has become. I remember the days when teams would put up 10 and it was over for us. Or a team would strike fast and first and all the momentum was on their side the rest of the game. No longer.

ive learned that we now have a franchise QB who isnt scared of being in the spot light. Crabtree, Gore and Davis thrive in pressure situations and if teams want to beat us they better be able to put up over 30 points on us. our entire offense is young and gore is playing out of his mind still. our defense is a couple upgrades away from finishing the job next year and a WR or two to upgrade the position will make the last season in candlestick a championship year
our defense is over-rated
The future is Bright.
Kap and the many weapons we have on offense. I am looking forward to see what Roman and Harbaugh have up their sleeve next season. With the talent and balance we have on this offense, there is no reason why we shouldn't be a top 3 offense. I know people aren't big on Walker but I really hope we sign him next season. I think he's one of the best weapons we have (I kid you not, if it weren't for this guy's Achilles heel, I truly believe he could've been the second best TE in the league).

I am still shaking my head with this defense. I was looking forward to watching them this season but it's absolutely crazy how they looked gassed in a lot of the regular season games. I take a lot of pride in having the best defense in the entire league but there were almost a laughing stock in the postseason. You have no idea how many non-Niner fans I know made fun of these guys.

It's crazy how this team has flipped this script.
Damn i really thought we would score there at the end and Kaep would be the MVP. The script just seemed written that way.

Alas, Raven's script was chose and we're on a hollywood studio bathroom somewhere still waiting for out chance.

Now we know how other teams' feel. Hey, at least we aren't Detroit.
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