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Why are we so friggin bad early in games?!?

Overreact much. 1st of all Its the NFL Not easy to dominate.
Also We didn't start slow against the Bears or Patriots or Packers to name a few.
Kaepernick isn't Tom Brady or Drew Brees yet. You're not going to get Touchdowns
on the first possession of every game. Next year he'll improve. Chill out, we
found our Franchise QB FINALLY!
We actually started with a nice pass but Crabs messed it up. All of the mistakes add up. Ravens pretty much played mistake free.

Then when we settled down, James made the fumble which KILLED US.

We dug ourselves a hole we almost got out of, it's amazing we came back like we did.

The thing with roman is that he's so dialed in or he so not dialed in. That's why I used to love the scripted plays by Bill walsh. 25 plays to start the game. Crabtree wouldn't have lined up offsides for sure. That kind of stuff I think would settle a young team. We didn't exploit the ravens weaknesses until the second half. So I fully BLAME THE COACHES!!!!! We should have won the game, and I know we got robbed on some calls, but it was ours for the taking and it didn't happen.
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