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If we score on that last drive

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Most of the people who posted in this thread seemed to have forgotten our D was pretty much lights out in the second half. We would have stopped them.

I like this

Irritating how people or fans state that these players on the 49er roster are easily replaceable. The 49ers barely lost the super bowl and barely lost the NFC championship the year before, our team is exceptionally good with exceptional depth. Nobody's perfect and these fans expect every player to have no flaws,

I bleed red and GOLDSON! THE HAWK IS A BEAST!!!!!!!Pay the man
Maybe...depends on if we had run the ball a few times more and forced them to use some TOs. Still I am not 100% sure we would've. They probably would have at least tied it had we gone up 3.
lets move on...please
if rathman does not fumble we win three in a row. in 1990.
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if rathman does not fumble we win three in a row. in 1990.

Rathman didn't fumble. Craig did.

Can we PLEASE move on from this? If my aunt had testicles, she'd be my uncle. Means about the same thing. IF is the biggest word in the English language. If pigs had wings they could fly. Understand?
Dude, Kapow choked. Game over. Sigh...
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