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screen game

Why in the hell do we not throw screens. It seems like lmj would be perfect for it gore has been great in the past. Im really not impressed with the play calling. It seems like we have whole segments of playcalling completly missing in our playbook!
Roman is hot and cold.

Overall, he called a pretty good game.

I agree w/you on the screens.

I'd also like to see a No Huddle used against an aging defense.
I agree on the know huddle too. Idk man, i dont trust greg roman!
That's an aspect of the offense that I really don't understand. We seem to be philosophically opposed to the idea of stretching the field laterally. The offense works great when it has lots of vertical space to work with, so it would be nitpicking if it wasn't for the fact that the passing game seems to run into trouble when it runs out of vertical space in the red zone.

It seems like quick screens would be ideally suited to this offense as a means of keeping defenses off balance and punishing those that hedge the box.
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