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My Generation (1988-Present) #sf49ers

I must be a bandwagoner after spending a good part of 13 years in Cleveland and hating football after not seeing a single Niners game in that span. California is where I started and Ohio is where my interest in the sport died. Good to see my boys on the big screen again.

1986 here. Year of the Puppets for any of you metalheads.
I watched every single game when they were winning like 2, 4, 5, 6 games. It was horrible. Makes it special for this day to come.
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Right here brotha! Born in 88 and i barley remember the sb in 94. This one today has special meaning for me.
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watching the Niners since 1980. i was 10.
Born in 1977, I don't remember the 84 superbowl, but strangely I remember the Montana/Marino Pepsi comericial right after the game, and the 49er song. I have watched every game since, and I'm still angry at Craig for the 1990 fumble aginst the Giants. I think my old house in San Jose has Hand prints on the ceiling from my uncle celebrating in 88. I was a senior in high school when Young won his, and Im totally excited that the NINERS are BACK! "We're the Forty Niners, We will rock you till we Win the Fight!"
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
I watched every single game when they were winning like 2, 4, 5, 6 games. It was horrible. Makes it special for this day to come.

That is the time I started watching football. Saw every Niner game following the 2-win season (funny thing was, it seems like every preseason, I was picking the Niners to win the NFC West).

It truly is amazing right now.
Originally posted by Jcool:
This is probably the best era to be a 49ers fan... I did not live in the SF area growing up and the only 49ers news I got was on the pre game shows Sunday... Even in the internet era, you had to rely on the whims of columnists on sports sites or an official announcement on Now you have Twitter, Facebook & this site. Also with the Redzone, NFL Sunday Ticket & internet radio, I don't have to wait till the late night highlight show to see how the 49ers did. You don't have to be in SF to be able to really keep up with the team. Who's Got It Better Then Us????? NNNNOOOOBBBOOODDDYYYY!!!

I agree emphatically. I used to flip between FoX sports west, ESPN, and ABC for 49ers highlights for hours on Sundays and was lucky to catch more than a game or two all year. Nowadays I am plugged in and never miss a game, press conference, interview....
I was 6 when we won it in 94 I barley remember it lol
So this is like crazzzzzzzzzzy
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