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My Generation (1988-Present) #sf49ers

Strictly speaking as a sports fan, I have no respect for a bandwagon fan. I respect a fan that stays loyal to their team, even a fan of teams I hate, more than a bandwagon fan. That being said today isn't about those bandwagon fans. Successful franchises are forced to deal with bandwagon fans it comes with the territory. Since 1999 (age 11) 49ers became religion to me and I haven't missed a single game preseason or regular season.

For those unfamiliar, between 1980 -1999, the 49ers won at least 10 games each season (1982 being the exception). Our generation however...

My Point: A SPECIAL shout out to those from my generation. It's our time to finally enjoy a prosperous era of 49ers football. An era that is built to last for years, an era with a brand spanking new stadium that will be the envy of the league, an era we call our own. That being said I hope ALL true die-hards, past and present, enjoy this Super Bowl. GO NINERS!

After the long struggles it is so nice to be back on top where we belong! Go 49ers!
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This... Didn't even start watching religiously until 03-04
I'm a 1988 baby as well. However, I was lucky enough to start watching in 1997 I believe, when I was 8 or 9 and watched Garrison Hearst take it to the house 96 yards in overtime against the Jets in Week 1. Hell, I even remember TO getting down field for a hell of a block.

However, I'm not lucky enough to ever see the 49ers win the Super Bowl, that is until today. Lets do it for all. The younger generation, the old generation, and even the new generation, young boys and girls who will be diehard Niner faithful after today. Lets do it!!!
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A pair of 2-14 seasons (1978-79) preceded the winning 10 games a year streak. Most pundits don't count the 1982 season against anybody, there was a strike and only 9 games were played, the 49ers were 3-6.We were 6-10 I believe in 1980, the run didn't start till 1981 and ran through 1998, you are adding a year on each end. I can recite a lot of stuff from memory, I was a loyal fan from the age of 11 like you, but I was 11 in 1972. I am the same age as Steve Young, that helps me remember the fall from grace in 1999 with his injury. Steve was 38 starting that year and I was really noticing all my extra aches and pains, and I was just weight training and playing full court basketball with a bunch of 20 somethings at the beach. I kept thinking "I hope Steve is doing better than me or he won't last much longer", of course he only lasted into the 4th game in 1999. I cannot believe Steve has been gone over a dozen years.
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This is probably the best era to be a 49ers fan... I did not live in the SF area growing up and the only 49ers news I got was on the pre game shows Sunday... Even in the internet era, you had to rely on the whims of columnists on sports sites or an official announcement on Now you have Twitter, Facebook & this site. Also with the Redzone, NFL Sunday Ticket & internet radio, I don't have to wait till the late night highlight show to see how the 49ers did. You don't have to be in SF to be able to really keep up with the team. Who's Got It Better Then Us????? NNNNOOOOBBBOOODDDYYYY!!!
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Kudos to all the fans that have stuck with the team through thick and thin. Im from the "middle" generation. Not old enough to remember the glory years from the early/mis 80s, but have been a Niners fan since 1989. Watched them as a perennial contender throughout the 90s, and witnessed the misery of the 00s. But stuck with them along the way, rooting for Garcia, Rattay, Dorsey, Pickett, Hill, Alex Smith, Troy Smith, and now Kaepernick.

Praying to get # 6, and yeah I agree. Although I respect all fans (diehard vs bandwagon), cant root for the guy that had his Niners gear tucked away in the attic for the past 15 years and decided to pull it out once the Niners became a contender.

In any case, lets forget all our "differences" and root for the most gloried franchise of all time today !!!!
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2003 was my first full season as a fan. I sat down with my sister and brother in law to watch the 2002 wildcard game vs New York, and have been hooked since. Last season, and this season have been the only winning seasons I've witnessed as a Niner Fan. Feels awesome.

Originally posted by Kaepmandu:

Early 60s. John David Crow, etc.
I've been through it all with the 9ers. I was a member of the 49er Minor Club at the age of 6, back in 1974. Its great to be back in the SuperBowl. I almost forgot how good it feels.
Exactly the time when I started religiously watching, although I did remember the 94 Superbowl.

Been a long and agonizing road everyone. Can't wait til we win this game. There's going to be so much emotion after the game
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fan since i was 11 in 1972, had the joy of a comeback in the playoffs vs minnesota in 73 with brodie coming in to rescue us and the heartbreak of the next weekend with the choke vs dallas. had the joy of a 6-1 start in 1976 and the heartbreak of a 8-6 finish which led to monte being fired. had the heartbreak of joe thomas, oj simpson and hollywood henderson. been there, seen it all, good and bad. no offense to a poster who said this is the best era to be a fan.. the 80's were
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Originally posted by Kaepmandu:

Lol, sorry for being born late man! Believe me, I wish I could have lived through the entirety of the golden years.

87 fan here. First game I really remember is the super bowl against the Chargers. I still wasn't a huge fan until I was closer to 12 though.
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