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musings from other forums?

What ever happened to this thread? It was my one of my favorites.
it was mine got removed during the Falcons was started up again though....
can you post the link here? I can't find it
In Ravens land, Niners get no respect and Kaepernick is dismissed as a source of much laughter and derision. A sampling:

"There's a chance that maybe Kaep will wet the bed like he did against another team with a good defense: Seattle."

Funny, huh? Man do I want Kaepernick to go wild tomorrow. I want him to just break their hearts.
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The thread was renamed to "other teams message boards" by a mod. I cant find it though so it may have been eaten last night when the forum went crazy
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nevermind here it is
It's the off season now.

I do hope you bring this thread back next season, as it allows me to interact. And, there is no way any division rival cannot say, respect to you right now.

I enjoyed all of my chatter w all on this board.
What's the Chiefs forum link again?
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