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Where to buy 49er gear OUTSIDE of the bay area?

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I no longer live in the Bay Area (I am in Los Angeles now) and I have not been able to find ANY 49er gear (t shirts, etc) at any of the local clothing stores. It sucks. Online is not an option because of 1) shipping and 2) I like to try it on. So, where do people go to buy gear when they live outside of the Bay Area?
I dont live in Cali, but for NY I found stuff at the fanzone, some store in local mall. Had nothing before christmas, now with NFC Champs they have all NFC Gear. Was thinking of a hat, but hoping for the SB win so I get the SB gear.
Pro Image has tons of Niner gear right now in Los Angeles area.
There are tons of Niner gear all over Los Angeles. Like SFTifoso said, Pro Image has tons. Also check out Fanzz and other similar stores. One Fanzz I went into at the South Bay Galleria had all of their NFL gear on sale ... except for all of their 49ers stuff because they are still playing. They didn't even have ANY Ravens stuff which made me lol a bit.

Hell, even Sears has Niners stuff in the Del Amo Mall.
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