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49ers and Media Day at the Super Bowl

Gore was really upset during the time he took the podium for his media session, it seemed that he was having an anxiety sp? attack, its on the niners home page. It looks though that the rest of the team is not really that overwhelmed with all the attention..

go niners!
Frank isn't good at interviews, he was probably nervous with all the media people in his face.
This a media storm the likes these players have never seen.

I feel bad for guys like Gore who don't give good interview.
He seemed like he just woke up and his normal self.
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Gore is never a good interview. He was most likely just powering through hoping it would end soon.
why was he upset ?
Looked like he couldn't wait to get out of there. The clip on the 49ers website was only 5 minutes, but the actually Q&A session was probably around 20 minutes, maybe more.
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Who cares once he get hes first running play he will be find
Ya. He didn't want to be there. Just wants to play football.
49ers didn't look like they enjoyed the podium very much. Ed Reed on the other hand was great.. Maybe that should have given Boobie Dixon the podium

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