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Has the offense become this team's strength?

Has the offense become this team's strength?

I'd say no, just because I feel like we've become a very balanced team. I do think there has been a let down on defense... especially in terms of run defense. Last years defense was one of the best I've ever seen.

This year our defense gives up a lot of yards (especially against better offenses) but not a lot of points. They are capable adjusting to whatever their opponent gives them and they come up with big plays when it matters most.

What makes us a better team at the end of the day is that our offense has become capable of scoring TDs against any opponent. Not to mention red-zone offense and 3rd down % has improved.
I wouldn't say its become our strength, but it has definitely complimented our defense!! Finally!!!
This team has strength in both sides of the ball, but as of late offense is on fire!!!
Can you inmagine what we'll look like with a #2 rec...If Mannigham or Williams come back at %100
Originally posted by ginseng1000:
I hate to say it but I think our D has slacked in the past few games

To be fair, we just played Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, and Matt Ryan and the Falcons.
I think last year was a better defense though.
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
I think your rose-colored glasses are getting in the way...

Good QB (potential star) + Great RB (Gore is aging and doesn't have his speed of a few years ago) + Elite OL + Good WR core (Crabtree is close to the top 10) + Great TE (but not elite, doesn't have the hands and routes like Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, or Gronk) + Elite Coaching = Really Good offense

I wouldn't even say "Good WR core."

Crabtree is pretty good, Moss has been solid this year but beyond that..........ehhhhhhh

That area of the offense can clearly be upgraded.
In the post season, definitely. Offense has really carried us through these last 2 games.

D is due for a dominant performance though. I'm expecting big hits and turnovers from them in SB.
No. The D still is the teams strength. Next year though . .. . . I think the D and the league are going to take a huge step back and watch Kap go ham on everyone.
It's frustrating now that the offense has improved, the defense has declined.
Imho, our D vs. O used to be 70-30, now it is about 50-50.

Nope. Need more weapons on O before they can carry the team.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
It's frustrating now that the offense has improved, the defense has declined.

my sentiments exactly. although the defense for some reason hasnt been as dominant this year (especially against worthy opponents). It was impressive what the defense did to the giants last year in the championship game. sad that the offense missed the bus altogether in that game
It's getting there, and I think it will be come 2014 or so. probably one more year as a defense-first team
I want wallace in the offseason.
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