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San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs - September 11, 1994

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Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
I don't understand this. The logo is basically a corporate symbol that means nothing without the players who represent it. Those players give that "logo" some character and personality and define the team.

I'm not saying I've ever rooted or will root against the 49ers but I can see how some fans become disinterested when their favorite player or a group of their favorite players leave.

Players come and go, the logo, which you call the 'corporate symbol', is the emblem that unites us and is permanent. I view the logo as sort of like a surname that represents a family.

How many times have you rooted for a player, then when that player moves on, you no longer root for them? Why is that? Is it because you never liked that player in the first place? Of course not, it's because they no longer sport the logo you love on the side of their helmet.

How many times has your favorite team acquired someone that you hated? Deion Sanders, anyone? The guy was a punk ass prima donna on the Falcons. When he joined the 49ers, he was my favorite defensive player. Deion did not represent the professionalism and business like qualities that the 49ers of the 90's embodied, yet when he came on the team, most 49er fans welcomed him with open arms for what he brought to the logo.

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I will NEVER understand anyone who was rooting for Joe in that game.


Joe was great, but at that point he was a Kansas City Chief.
The team is bigger than the player … love the team or leave it. Just my humble opinion!!
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Originally posted by almondJoy:
The team is bigger than the player … love the team or leave it. Just my humble opinion!!
i used to have favorite players but that all went away when free agency came in. there are no such things as favorite players anymore. what is the term the mods hate here?? emotionally invested! do not get emotionally invested in a player anymore
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