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What Will Be The Final Score And Who Will Win

Originally posted by JD9671:

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34-24 49ers...LMJ for MVP.
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34-24 Forty Niners...LMJ will win the MVP.
I see this as a defensive battle, a 10-10 game at the half, and in my opinion, I believe the team that makes the best half-time adjustments will win this game. It's hard to pick a score, but I'm going to go with 24-23 9ers because regardless of how we stack up against the Ravens on paper (I believe we are more talented at most positions overall), there's something to be said about a brother's rivalry, and John isn't going to let Jim get this one very easily. Vegas is pretty good on this one, so I am not expecting a blowout. If I had to guess, I think the line moves to 9ers -2.5 before kick off, staying around 47 for the O/U.

Feeling that 3 TDs and 1 FG should do the job against the Ravens. Just feel our defense will keep the Ravens out of the endzone most of the game and they'll have to settle for 3 FGs and 2 TDs. If we have to rely on Akers to win this game with 2-3 FGs, we're doomed.
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On the record: 41-20.
45-24 Niners Win
Originally posted by Robert:
34-20 Niners!

The more I think about it, the more confident I am becoming in this game. We have a match up advantage at virtually every position (other than kicker). I just think we are going to be too much for this old, battered, Baltimore team to handle. My rationale below, if you're interested:

We've gotten off to four slow starts in a row. Football is cyclical. It's our time for a quicker start. Also, our coaches live for game planning big games likes this (Green Bay x2, Chicago, New England). The extra time should do wonders as it has for this coaching staff recently (New Orleans last year, Green Bay x2). The Ravens coaches are fantastic as well, but they just have not faced a comparable offense to us (the only such team, I believe, is Seattle). I think the Ravens will want to start off with losts of Rice. But I think our All Pro middle linebackers will be ready to show what's left of Ray Lewis that they are the new sheriffs in town. So, I think we get off to a fast start (long runs by Kaepernick). I think the Ravens have trouble getting traction with their run game, and I think the score is similar to the first half in New England (17-3 Niners at halftime).

Then, I think the Raven's try to throw themselves into the game. However, Flacco's game is not an indoor game. He throws a big sloppy ball up in the air and on grass his recievers adjust better than the DBs. This is very similar to the Stafford to Megatron connection that we defend so well (we contest the jump ball very well). Flacco throws at least one pick, short, unproductive drives. Our passing game starts keeps the Raven's 'backers honest as our run game continues to gash them. 27-6 at the end of the 3rd.

Ravens start to hit a few big pass plays (with enough attempts and the modern passing rules, it becomes inevitable), but a late touchdown by the niners puts the game out of reach. 34-20 Niners!

I am confident and could not agree more! Had a pick six and still beat GB handily. Same deal here. We win relatively easily.
The ravens defense hasnt seen anything this season like what they are about to see. I can see them getting exploited a bit. Defense has to play more solid football all game, not just in the second half like last week. I think the niners win. It will be closer on the scoreboard then it should be, but i think the Niners dominate on both sides of the football.
49-14 49ers stomp the Ravens out. F*** Ray Lewis
Final Score: 49ers - 28 Ravens 17
my son and I made this 49er video, Please Watch and Share! Go 9ers Go!!!

27-17, 9ers
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49ers Win.
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45-16 Niners
31-17 49ers and Kaepe wins MVP
27-17 Ravens
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