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falcons say they already know our plays and if we are going to run or pass

welp, that about wraps it up
Originally posted by frenchmov:

welp, that about wraps it up

Somebody get this segment to the Niners personnel quick
There goes Brandon Jacobs again . . .
ruh roh
That's because they bought a copy of Roman's playbook off of Amazon.

I keed....I keed....well, maybe not about the passing portion.
PS-Falcons talk more s**t than anyone. The more they talk about how "confident" they are, the more it sounds like they are trying to convince themselves rather than other people. Regardless of what they say, they simply don't have the defensive personnel to shut down the 49ers offense.
Those Falcons sure are smart. I'm scurrd. Imma go hide.
50/50 chance.

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Well crap, when does the draft start?
There can be only one. The Niners are immortals. Bow down and cringe with fear, for you know you will lose.
even if they think this is true it would nto shock me if they play right into harbaughs hand. he has a knack for hiding things...i.e. so much pistol last week
So did the Packers.
even if they know what we are doing they still have to stop it
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