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hard to believe Reed'll be out when he was running to the locker room
Jeff Zrebiec ‏@jeffzrebiecsun Ed Reed going to the locker room. May have hurt his foot in that last drive.

Larry Holder ‏@LarryHolder Ravens medical staff looking at Ed Reed. He looks like he's in some serious pain.
Ray Ratto ‏@RattoCSN Pregame analyses didn't plan on Ed Reed going out in the first quarter
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
we are the better friggin team, we beating ourselves so far.

This. Brooks penalty gave the Ravens a TD
Originally posted by 49erfaninPA:
Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 49ers TE Vernon Davis (elbow) is probable to return.
Good we will need him

Yep he got hit in the elbow by reed
what a bunch of f**king luck.
HowTF did they just complete that pass?
Our secondary is such trash
whitner getting raped
Originally posted by mayo49:
Man, these commercials are killing me.

Yeah, the problem with being in the Super Bowl is that you're in the damned Super Bowl.
Held that little waterbug

Hold them here for a three and out
stop em here come on ... we the better team. lets take this b***h over.
Good stop
That's wot I'm talkin about D!!!
Damn. Let's go 9ers!!!
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