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Do what you do Kap.
Receivers & TEs need to step up
Originally posted by TurlockCK7:
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
Really Turlock. Figures when u have nothing productive to say. and maybe u misread, i said lets leave the Smith talk out, because he and kaep helped us get to where we are. And I mean come on young man, you were just birthed into the zone recently. Get a few more months or maybe even a year, then maybe you'll be mature enough to make a comment that actually adds something to the convo.

Thanks Jreff, as many of us know, when u have nothing of meaning to say, u just take shots. used to that after the last couple of years in the zone.
Yeah n***a I have nothing meaningless to say I'm at the point now I'm ready shoot me Mutha f**ka especially a Alex dick sucker! Now do you want to see a n***a too?
Do I wanna see a n.... too? Who are u clown? Ahh i get it, tryna get a brotha in trouble on the zone huh. You must be an angry guy huh. But thats ok. u wont last too long in here. aint even worth responding too. my typed words aint even worth ur nonsense. Then u calling other zoners out talkin bout wanting to fight. What the hell. Just go away loser, nothing left to talk about. Peace.

BTW, since i know ur probably sitting in an attic, sipping on chocolate milk, while wearing that little hat with the propeller on it, and watching the game with a bib on. It's ok, lonely guys need love too. Just aint getting it from me.
Plenty of time left, he needs to keep running the ball!
Frank's had nowhere to run
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Originally posted by ninersoul:
From here on out every offensive play of the 49ers should end up out of bounds!

it doesn't stop the clock.
Really need to get the plays off quicker, time is an issue
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Dear 49ers... Stop running the ball.... that is all.
How come they have yet thrown deep to Moss at least ONCE???
Originally posted by TurlockCK7:
f**k you too snitch! I don't give a f**k square!

Quicker guys come on
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by Strwy2Hevn:
Originally posted by BubbaParisMVP:
Originally posted by Niners99:
We have a such a gem in Kap, and hes only in his 10th start. Hes still a baby, and has already led us to a SB. GTF off his back.

Some of you guys are so short-sighted and ungrateful.

Nice to know how many people would stab you in the back when the going got tough. Pathetic.

Yup. The good thing about this season is, regardless of what happens today, we can now go forward with the confidence that we have a franchise QB.

After 9 games?

Why are you still here troll? GTFO.

You are no longer a 49ers fan. Goodbye. Go find a new team.

Huh? So when you were hating on Alex and hoping he'd fail you weren't a 49er fan either?

When did I hate on Alex Smith?? Ive been one of the only Smith supporters since 2005. Ive gone on epic rants defending Smith the whole time he was here.

You have no idea what youre talking about dude.
Uh huh. Sure.
f**k crabs damit damnit
so close, but so far away...get the 1st!!!
Originally posted by ninersoul:
How come they have yet thrown deep to Moss at least ONCE???

The INT was on a (too) deep throw to Moss.