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Should have spent more time practicing instead of going to strip clubs.
Originally posted by Niners99:
This will be remembered as "The Power Outage Comeback".

Will be talked about for decades.

I hope so because if not posts like yours will be very depressing to look back on.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
Kaep is 9-14 168 0TD 1int

His pocket presence, reads, runs and anticipation are real bad. He hasn't been set up for success with the defense, but he's completely lost this game. He's skiddish and scared and its still the 3rd quarter.

This is like his 10th start. He has less experience than any starting QB in SB history.

Actually he has the 3rd least starts for a SB QB. lol

And Kap ain't shining, but this is on the D. Not Kap. They have barely done anything to stop the ravens O.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
49ers 57 Baltimore 30

I wanted the Patriots
Originally posted by sdaddy101269:
The play calling is awful from Greg Roman.

Mr. Jeckyl and Hyde. Very confusing playcaller. One week he looks like a genius, the next he looks like he's in over his head.
I bet that dude wishes he had his 5 mil back lol
Originally posted by mayo49:
This is like a bad dream.

No, that was the halftime show
Originally posted by diegosydney:
Originally posted by Jakemall:
Originally posted by diegosydney:
Does anyone remember how many games Kaep has actually played ?

Was he on the special teams ?

Did he fumble ?

Is he playing in the secondary ?

No excuse...otherwise there was no reason to change qbs.

yes there was. the other guy doesn't get us here

Really? You think this team QBs aside isn't better than last season? Last season he was 2 miffed punts away from the superbowl. Puhlease.
If ray Lewis doesn't ascend unto heaven at the end I'll sue for false advertising.

The only good thing is that Lewis has played like s**t. He will get a ring but he didn't do anything to contribute.
Originally posted by YOUNGster08:
I wish I had it, I'm so down right now. Nothing is going our way

Dude, here are the facts.

There's still A LOT OF FOOTBALL LEFT to be played.
This power outage gives Harbaugh a chance to get his team back on track and make adjustments.
Colin has a chance to get his mind back in order and get relaxed now with the power outage difficulties.
This outage could cool down the Ravens.

Plenty of reasons to keep the least for now.
Originally posted by Kronos2560:
Can we just redo the season and go 0-16 so we could never have experienced this game?

Got to say this does feel worse than a losing season. I was almost used to us losing. but i don't think i'll ever get over this!
Every 15 minutes they say anothr 15 minutes
So disappointed. Lets go team. Believe in your hearts.
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