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Reminds me of the Steelers MNF
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Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
Alex Smith is laughing his ass off.

I'm laughing at this retarded comment

Kick this punk off
Bigger black eye for the NFL? The competitiveness of the game, or the power going out at the SUPER BOWL!
Hopefully the power outage will slow down the Ravens' momemtum and balance everything out so we can make a comeback. :)
Man im just down in the dumps, gotta get my mind off this game as soon as its over baring the best miracle of my sportsfan life
Montana was down 34-12 in the cotton Bowl in the 4th qtr and won 35-34--if you want to be a great one--you make miracles happen.
I still think we are going to win its our destiny damnit
Originally posted by mryan1004:
Kaep will be a very good qb, it is just too soon for him right now, we have to digest being 5-1 in the superbowl

I refuse to digest that....
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This is f**king torture
Lights go out:

UNDERTAKER comes out of the 50-YARD LINE

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Originally posted by 49ermark:
What the hell you all really think Alex smith could have gotten us this far???im embarrassed as a niner fan

honestly bruh, things are bad enough. can ya'll please stop with all the Smith talk.

Truth be told we wouldnt be here without his 6-2, then after the benching, we wouldnt be here without Kaep either.

Kaep is gonna have to throw throw throw. just that simple. any run s**t, and we just dig ourselves and lose. cant comeback with almost 3 to 4 tds by running the ball.
No chance for our offense now that the Ravens D can defend the pass all day with a 22-point cushion. The game is over.
Goodell is freaking out

They had already rigged the game with BS penalties, flags, now this
It's bad enough that our team is getting their collective asses kicked. Now, we we have to listen to every idiot Alex Smith fan try and say I told you so. Like it really helps right now......
For all of you saying Baltimore is not better than us, take the homer bias fanboy hats off and realize we are getting our a**es handed to us. Our d has been exposed (again), Kaep is crumbling under pressure, and now our special teams blow a 109 yd return.

The Ravens are clearly the better team.

Go niners... Or something.
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