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Originally posted by 49ermark:
It started with the flag in the first and the James fumble was the clear spark

The fumble was the turning point for me. That lead to a TD for the Ravens
2nd half adjustments will win it for us. Believe!!!
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
This is gonna be the longest halftime

A good thing. The long halftime gives us more times to clear heads, break momentum, and make adjustments
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Damn I have wrk at 7 I'm going to miss the comeback!!:(
f**k beyonce. i want the third quarter to start now.
Listen. I'm telling you all Kaep is like a deer in the headlights on this stage. Put the Vet in.
How is Flacco Joe Montana
Originally posted by NickV:
I busted my remote..i need to settle down. Luckily i can just pop the pieces back together.

Yeah, I'm sure it's been a bad day for remotes. Still have no clue where one of batteries is.
Originally posted by BayArea:
That fumble raped us. If not for that we score and are tied or close. Now we need a TD 2 point conversion and another TD just to hope for a tie. God I feel ill all we can do is pray for the greatest superbowl comeback ever.

Which will make this win all the sweeter
At least I know I'm going to Disneyland later this month. Don't think the 49ers will be. They don't even know how to defend balls that are thrown up like punts.

Some of the most pathetic defense I've seen since the Seattle blow out
The Niners secondary needs a strong pass rush and that has been missing since Justin Smith got injured and Aldon Smith has some shoulder problem for the last 10 weeks where he isn't practicing much.
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Down two scores with no proof we can score touchdowns
I told you Whinter is worst to plays and bad read the offense!! Damn damn at Whinter!!
If our d would wake the hell up we got this. The second half adjustments and talk will get these guys realizing they're in the sb and they'll come out strong. Ravens on offense are getting all the luck and it'll stop
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