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I wonder if we can call up the falcons to play the second half so we won't have the first Super Bowl loss.

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How do you give up a TD like that??? Just dont get it....
Originally posted by MFRONE:
TV off, thanks Culliver

Your going to miss a blow out
Simms says every time the 49ers are physical with the WRs they are having success.

Next play, Culliver is way off him.
Why does Fangio continue to play zone? Why?
I'm afraid that might be game over. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't see it right now.
We can't catch a break and can't even compete. Man...
f**k you Cully! Gay bashing b***h!
Son of a b***h
Let's just draft 11 corners and see if any of them turn out

Originally posted by monsterzero789:
They are the team of destiny. Flacco is throwing up prayers and they are getting answered

The WR was making the move when Flacco threw the ball. It wasn't a prayer.
we'll i guess there's next year.
I cant believe what I am watching.
CSN 49ers News ‏@CSN49ers I'm starting to belive the reports about the officials leading up to this game.
Draft dline and secondary all draft
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