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5-1 in super bowls. Still good
man f**k
What are they thinking? Ravens will get the ball back again with lots of time, and they get the ball to start the second half.
Really Roman? Kaep looks slow somehow. Maybe just his decisionmaking.
I am expecting Kaep to play great in the second half and run a lot--the guy is a great competitor.
Kaep is putting together a very, very, very poor performance. Still a half to go I guess.
s**t, Ravens getting the ball back. Colin just needs to play.
I've seen enough. Put Alex in.
The coaches have given up
Great preseason game 49ers!

Well best thing we can do is stop the Ravens on this drive. Take it into half and make soem adjustments. We have a longer halftime to think about it.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Were going to run because we are worried of our QB? THis by all means is not a hit on Kaep. but show some balls in why you made this decision.

Well at least we can say we went to the Super Bowl and gotten smoked. That's a new experience for us Niner fans. Woo hoo
THIS SUCKS Man, we had a golden opportunity given to us, Kaep you need to wake up out there, get yourself settled in, if the score remains the same we still can do this in the second half.
Can this d get a 3 an out?
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