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FINAL SCORE NFCC Game: Atlanta Falcons vs San Francisco 49ers

Just to gauge what the masses are thinking. I was a lot more scared of GB than I am of the Falcons. I think our pass rush will be great against a conventional pocket passer (unlike Rodgers). I think our safeties will keep the deep ball in check, and the run will not work against us. The key for Atlanta will be Tony Gonzalez, and although I dont think we'll shut him down completely, I think our LB corp will hold him to meaningless catches.

My final score: 38-17 49ers.

Your thoughts.
49ers 35, Falcons 27
27-20 niners
49ers - 31
Falcons - 17
31-23 Niners
34-24 Niners
42-27, 49ers
42-17 niners
34-17- NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!

49ers 31 Falcons 13
I expect the falcons to come out hyped in the first series we have the ball, however on the first drive we convert a big 3rd down to cross the 50, like a 3rd and 7. after that we play our game.....36-17 Niners
Kap throws 6 tds
34-17, Niners.
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37-31SF wins. Defense hold on last sec. drive.
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