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If/When we make it to the Big Game, who do you NOT want to face?

If/When we make it to the Big Game, who do you NOT want to face?

I don't know but I just do NOT want to face New England again. It's so difficult to beat the same team twice in 1 season, although we just did last week. I would rather it be a Har-Bowl, and we get payback for last years Thanks Giving loss.

The Pats offense is firing on all cylinders, and they can crank out 30 points with their eye's closed. That would be a scary game... and with our Perfect Super Bowl record on the line... I definitley wouldn't want that matchup.

Sorry if something similar has been posted... searched n couldn't find anything.
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Baltimore. I dont see the read option game working against them.
Kind of a tough call, but NE.

Although, I would love to squash brady/belicheat in the bowl to take their so-called legacy down another notch.
I think a Harbaugh Bowl would be so cool. And fools out there were hoping for the mannings to be the first family bowl.
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I would rather play NE, but i think Baltimore wins.
Rather not play the Pats on one hand BUT on the other hand I'd rather play them.

Hands down, they'd be more of a challenge than the Ravens. BUT

If we beat theb best we won't have to put up the "what-if's", second guessing. Then al the crap that we snuck in or other nonesense.

Either way we win the Super Bowl.
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Not really sure... NE the second time around won't be easy and neither would a Ravens team playing to send Ray Lewis out on top. Also, Patriots might be the better team but Baltimore probably matches up better with us. Having John as their coach gives the Ravens team another lift because him and Jim know each other so well. I'll just let it play out and hope we win.
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I would love to have a Har-bowl - but, at the same time, i'd love to face NE again and put Brady on his a$$ & sne Belicheat home crying.

i never laughed so hard when i saw Tom Brady throw a hissy fit and spike the ball on that time out. That was classic!

I do NOT want to face the Ravens.

I like John Harbaugh, and don't want Jim to have to best him in the SB.
We don't lose Superbowls....don't matter who we play....WE FEAR NO MAN -JH
We match up really well with finesse teams, so NE. Can't cheer for that team though, so it'll be like watching the ATL-Seattle game again.
Baltimore's D will give us the most fits; although minus a mobile/legit franchise QB, it will be somewhat similar to facing the Seahawks or Giants.

New England would be best for us, because their personnel does not match up well with us on either side (as long as Justin Smith is in).
I can imagine Tom Brady winning another chip.

I cannot under any circumstance see Joe "f**king" Flacco winning a title.

So under those two circumstances, I'd rather not play New England even though we beat them.
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