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What is your favorite NFC title game win?

What is your favorite NFC title game win?

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This poll is on I thought I'd see what the results here looked like. Since we are headed into another NFCC game this Sunday, this seemed like an appropriate and fun poll.

For me it was 1994 against Dallas. That rivalry was so intense. The first quarter was amazing. Remember going totally mental after all the turnovers! And the TD to Rice before half after they tried to comeback. What a game. Celebrated that game more than the Superbowl itself.
94 was great because there was never any doubt that we were winning the Super Bowl. I just remember being so relieved that we won - I was taking laps around my house like Steve Young was at Candlestick.

89 was also immensely enjoyable, because we were sooooo good. That was the game where Everett sacked himself from hearing foot steps a couple times.
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Come on, is there even a question? The first one.
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Originally posted by mayo49:
Come on, is there even a question? The first one.

The first one would've been my pick but I was too young to properly enjoy it. I've watched it on NFL network over the years, but being so much older and so invested in the 94 game, I have to choose it instead. Fair play to the 81 game being the beginning of the dynasty and having the Catch to almost finish it off. (Eric Wright's horse collar actually sealed the deal. I was lucky enough to have a nice 20 minute chat with him about it at a restaurant recently)
This first one I have to set aside as too special to be one of the choices. Of the remaining it's 28-3 at Chicago. I can't remember being more proud to be a 49er fan after a W.

1. 1981
2. 1988
3. 1989
4. 1994
5. 1984
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94. Because it was 2 painful NFC Title losses by the Cowboys years prior.

Cemented the continuation of the dynasty...
2012, 35-27 @ Atlanta
'94 cause we finally beat Dallas, and we had some Dallas fans over that day. My dad and I talked sh!t the entire game!


94 Dallas

I voted '94 because of my age and the fact that we suffered for two years prior to winning that.

'88 and '89 were great but no pain. Don't recall '84.

'81 if I was older would have been best ever by far. Just think how huge beating the Saints last year was. That '81 game easily a magnitude or two better.
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94. I was too young for 81 and we were steamrolling teams in the playoffs throughout the 80's. Except the damn Vikings that one year. Anyway the Cowboys had our number for several years and 94 was payback time.
In 81 I was in the BeerGarden in Squaw Valley - one of my VERY best football moments.
Well, as someone that watched Steve Young from beginning to end. Difficult to not have a special place for 1994 considering without that victory, Steve's career is viewed A-LOT different.

Not sure you will find many professional athletes in history with more pressure on one single game than the 1994 NFC Championship Game
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