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Make a bold prediction about Sunday's game

we win by more than 3 TDs and gore doesn't get 100 yards
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Falcons wont score.
I think Vernon Davis finally has a good game. Let's say 130 yards and 2 touchdowns.

If Roman and Harbaugh really did save the read option for the Packers game and make teams think we abandoned it, I wouldn't put it past them to save Vernon for a game like this.
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Harbaugh won't have to call a timeout because Kaepernick doesn't realize the play clock is about to expire.
We start off rough. Playcalling is over-complicated at first. A turnover or two. We get in a hole of 10-14 points. We settle into our passing game, get Gore going. 9ers pull out a tough, 4th quarter come from behind victory!
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We're going to kill them.
we lose by 14
Originally posted by JimA49ers:
Aaron Rodgers attends the game wearing an Alex Smith jersey, owning up to the bet he lost.

Ryan throws 2 INTs. Wait, he does that every week.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
we lose by 14

Gore throws a TD to Kaepernick. ive been waiting for that a few weeks now. that would completely catch the falcons with their pants down
49ers: 459.7

Falcons: -2
bold prediction: we shut down ATL's running game, unlike years past.
Three interceptions by the 49ers secondary. We win 21-9
Originally posted by verb1der:
Whitner gonna knock someone out like...

That is a Ronnie Lott "woo hit" if I ever saw one!
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