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anyone concerned about over-confidence

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I don't know. This is the NFCCG. If this were a regular season game, given our pattern of W-W-(uninspired performance), I'd say that over-confidence has definitely been a problem for our team. That being said, this is the f**king NFCCG. I think we will be better mentally prepared than any game thusfar since Harbaugh took over, at least that's what I like to think.
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the fans yes,, the players no. that being said, they better not come out with the same type of "effort" they had in the dome at minnesota
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I am confident the 49ers will stomp the dirty birds with ease, luckily I am not playing Sunday.
The 3pm EST start is huge. I think that will be a significant help in this game. I think this is the game where our non-existent pass rush finally gets going. I see this game being low scoring (even though yesterday I thought it would be high scoring). I think our offense will struggle a little, but the defense will keep us in the game. It will all come down to Kaep, he'll need to make a few plays in the forth, and we'll be going to the Super Bowl
No way will the team be over confident. The sting of last years loss I am sure is still very fresh in their minds. Not a chance they let their heads get big when they are so close yet again. They know how terrible it is to go home from this one and I think one thing that is for sure is that they will fight to the death for this one. Atlanta has one hell of a dangerous beast coming for them. On the flip I don't think Atlanta has near that level of fight in them and will probably be worn out from Seattle.
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It doesnt matter if the fans and media are over confident...
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Nah I don't think they're over-confident
Originally posted by baltien:
Originally posted by deepniner:
Yup - I absolutely agree. People are forgetting that ATL has two great receivers, a great TE, a very good QB and an alright defense. And in the last game they also showed up with a decent running game. This game is absolutely no gimme. SEA was able to get into the game in the 2nd half because ATL stopped being aggressive. But ATL owned the 1st half.

In addition to that, the niners will face the impact of crowd noise in a dome. I must say I'm a little concerned.

Seattle went east in back to back weeks and was playing hurt. Remember that Lynch didn't even practice until Friday, and they were missing their bast pass rusher (Clemons).

All that aside it still took Carroll having a brain fart for them to get the win. I've said it before, and I still stand by it:

Atlanta is overrated and Matt Ryan is basically the new Tony Romo (even he got one). I don't care how much the media wants to believe in him.

Come Sunday, everything I've said will be proven correct.

Sure hope that you're right.

I'm less concerned about over confidence than I am about bad karma . . . bad luck.

Harbaugh is right with his message about staying humble and avoiding distractions. And there are many distractions after last weekends sensational performance.

Say what one will, the game can hinge on just a couple of flukey plays . . . going either way. An errant pass, a couple of tipped passes (DW and VD are particularly susceptible to balls clanging off their hands), an untimely fumble, bad officiating, etc.

I agree that Matt Ryan does not always play at the elite level . . . but he CAN. He has the physical skills and if he flukes it by going on a hot streak (anyone can), he has the finest receivers in the game. they can beat the Niners' corners

The winds of fortune need to favor the Niners or, at least, stay neutral.
Up to the coaches to keep this team in check,

Atl seems over confident as well for barely escaping with a victory
Some people on the boards might be... but no way the team is. It's the NFC championship game for god sakes, no way in hell they think that a team thats made it this far will be a walk in the park. We shouldnt be thinking it either, but there is some understandable chest pounding after the Green Bay game that cant be helped.

I know several players say they haven't watched last years NFCC game. Maybe they should watch it this week to gain a lil sharper focus.
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I doubt the players are, fans probably are though. In my heart I know we should beat this team, but Atl has been finding ways to win miracle games that they shoulda lost. As long as we come out agressive and stay aggressive throughout the entire game no matter the score, we should win.
Originally posted by zillabeast:
Over confidence? You forget we lost this same game one year ago? That pain does not simply vanish. These guys have been living in defeat for 360 days. They are going go screaming into the Georgia Dome like bats outta hell.

YES THIS!!!!!!
All the "analysts" talk about how physical the 49ers are, and how they will manhandle the Falcons. History has shown playoff games, the opposite of what is obvious happens. The Denver/Baltimore game is a great example.

Also, the 49ers are on the road, against the #1 seed, with a good dome,etc,etc. However little over-confidence will be overshadowed by the other factors, plus there is a lot of pressure on the 49ers...all the players keep saying "bad taste in the mouth from last year". Well, that is motivation and pressure.

All conference championship games are tough. The 49ers better bring their A game in all areas.
No - JH will keep the team humble and razor sharp
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