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anyone concerned about over-confidence

Could care less what the media is saying. After all, time and time again, they are the ones who are always doubting us and saying we're going to lose; *cough cough against GB.* So f**k what they have to say.

As for us fans I can't speak for all of you, but for me at least, I'm not parading around saying we're going to blow out ATL and go to the SB. No. All I know/am saying is that we are the better team and if we play anything like we did last week against GB on both sides of the ball, we"ll win. No doubt it will be a very heated and tough game to win esp since it's at ATL, but I have faith not only in our players but in our gameplan as well. Like others have said, last yrs lost in the Championship game is prob still fresh in our players minds. I expect them to do everything in their power to get us to the SB this time around.

Go 9ers baby!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by deepniner:
Yup - I absolutely agree. People are forgetting that ATL has two great receivers, a great TE, a very good QB and an alright defense. And in the last game they also showed up with a decent running game. This game is absolutely no gimme. SEA was able to get into the game in the 2nd half because ATL stopped being aggressive. But ATL owned the 1st half.

In addition to that, the niners will face the impact of crowd noise in a dome. I must say I'm a little concerned.

Seattle went east in back to back weeks and was playing hurt. Remember that Lynch didn't even practice until Friday, and they were missing their bast pass rusher (Clemons).

All that aside it still took Carroll having a brain fart for them to get the win. I've said it before, and I still stand by it:

Atlanta is overrated and Matt Ryan is basically the new Tony Romo (even he got one). I don't care how much the media wants to believe in him.

Come Sunday, everything I've said will be proven correct.
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It will be no pushover, yet I´m confident that we will beat Atlanta. Atlanta is quite one dimensional, we have been very good against one dimensional teams, had our problems with teams that play physical.
Harbaugh will keep the team humble .....and ready to bust some heads in Atlanta ....Payback for 98 coming up
and the two losses in Atlanta and at the stick. Payback b*tches!
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Originally posted by matt49er:
Not in the playoffs I'm not. This team still has last years nfccg letdown on their minds, we might not win but IMO we will get max effort and focus

100% Agree. Also, I think Kap is very focused on preparation.
I think the 49ers will be confident. But after getting here and losing last year, they won't take anything for granted. I'm looking for that O-line to come out fired up!

Lynch was hurt or something. I've never seen him fall down when the first guy touches him like that. Usually he pushes through several people. I think Gore and LMJ can consistantly give us 1st downs.
This game will be close. FG difference at best. I just don't see it going any other way.
It's not over confidence if it's true.

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I want to be worried about being over-confident, I really do, but I can't gel it against what I saw of Atlanta against the Seahawks. Seattle should have won that, they just made some incredibly stupid (possibly inexperienced) calls in going for it on 4th and one in the first half as they were so desperate for a TD - but they messed the blocking assignments. If they'd kicked a FG at that point we'd be playing them in Candlestick.

I just didn't see anything from Atlanta that made me worried or where I thought "oh s**t they look good". Seattle laid an egg first half and then came back without playing spectacularly - Wilson just made scrambles when he needed to. Green Bay are a much better and more complete team than Atlanta, they are better on offense and better on defense - they certainly are statistically on defense, and no one can discount Aaron Rodgers, particularly when he had all his weapons available for the first time in the season. I think GB would have ranked higher than Atlanta if they'd been less unlucky with injuries.

We went out and had a statement game v Green Bay, we took it to them and we imposed our will on a very good team. On the other hand, Atlanta couldn't impose themselves on Seattle (who are a very good team as well) despite Seattle starting so poorly. On top of this, Atlanata have not been tested this season beyond the Seahawks game. They played the Broncos early in the season before the Broncos went on a roll and Manning had fully taken over their offense and they played the Giants when they were on the downward slope and disintegrating.

When all is said and done, there's no given win and we need to go out there committed and execute well, but we match up so well to them - we've got the 4th ranked defense after playing 7 winning teams - 2 of which pout high points on us (NE and Seattle) when our defense was exhausted and injury hit.

The key difference is this though: we came out of our game with GB having made a statement win and generated belief. The Falcons came out of the Seattle game with almost euphoric relief. I'll take that mental state of belief all day over relief!
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It's my only concern. No one is giving Atlanta a chance in the media. The players might let that go to their heads. Combine that with the early east coast game, and we could be in trouble.
Ill admit I'm concerned about it.
Originally posted by TheChozen:
Ill admit I'm concerned about it.

People who are uneasy about the game are that way because of how the season ended last year in the NFCC. Everyone thought we would smoke the Giants at home and not only did they give us a good game but they came into our house and won.

I'm sure Falcons fans are saying the same things we are saying... "we should win since they are at home"
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