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anyone concerned about over-confidence

"We move on with humble hearts" - Jim Harbaugh post game speech

Don't listen to what the supossed experts say, listen to the gm, coaches and the players. No one has shown over confidence.
There isn't much more than can be added. The pain and the sick feeling that came from losing last year sticks with the fans, teaams, coaches, office personnel, and goes even to Jed York. They do not want to go through that again. I think guys like Randy Moss realize THIS IS IT. This is what he came out of retirement for. This is what Joe Staley endured the pain of playing on that arm last week for. I think Michael Crabtree embraces the role of being a big time player and looks forward to being "The Man." These guys want it and want it bad. No doubt in my mind that the better team will prevail on Sunday. Win or lose, it won't be because of overconfidence. I also expect that should we get up, I doubt we pack it in like how we did in the New England game. Even if the coaches wanted to let up on the aggressiveness, I doubt the players would stand for it.
The taste of last years' defeat will be a motivating factor. They are just a physical, nasty bunch. The offensive line will plow through the Falcons. If Nolan schemes to stop Kaep from running the passing lanes will be wide open. The Niners will bulldoze the Falcons. Matty Ice.......Yeah.
It's all about match ups and we match up pretty well.
I guess we'll find out Sunday. I'm a fan so I can be as confident as I damn well please.
If we play our game, the Falcons can't match up. period
I don't see any over confidence really. I think who is really over confident is the Falcons. They finally won a playoff game after blowing a 20 point lead and now they think they are the best team in the world. As people have said all week, they are going to be emotionally and physically drained after that game. They played the easiest schedule all season, and now they are going up against the most dangerous and complete team.
This is the playoffs, only FOUR of the best teams remain for a chance to WIN the SUPERBOWL. No ones overlooking anyone. 49ers will stay focused, review film til their head hurts and gameplan like maniacs.
I don't know what Vegas says but most of the pundits are taking then Falcons. I love how an overrated QB playing a cupcake schedule in the league FINALLY gets (a gift wrapped) win in the playoffs and now he's "elite."

I still don't believe Atlanta.

Niners win by at least ten.
Originally posted by baltien:
I don't know what Vegas says but most of the pundits are taking then Falcons. I love how an overrated QB playing a cupcake schedule in the league FINALLY gets (a gift wrapped) win in the playoffs and now he's "elite."

I still don't believe Atlanta.

Niners win by at least ten.


Originally posted by Niners99:
All the over-confidence is coming from dummy fans. The team is going in very focused. We were supposed to beat the Giants last year. This team went through the heartbreak of losing this game last year, and wont be taking anything for granted.

I cant stand people who spend the whole week bragging about "how badly were going to beat the Falcons, and how were going to the SB, or how Kaep is going to shred the Falcons D", etc.

We match up well. Were the more complete team. After that, theres no guarantees. ATL has some very dangerous offensive weapons, and its on their home turf. The crowd noise will be a factor unless we keep it down.

Yup - I absolutely agree. People are forgetting that ATL has two great receivers, a great TE, a very good QB and an alright defense. And in the last game they also showed up with a decent running game. This game is absolutely no gimme. SEA was able to get into the game in the 2nd half because ATL stopped being aggressive. But ATL owned the 1st half.

In addition to that, the niners will face the impact of crowd noise in a dome. I must say I'm a little concerned.
BTW - the other thing I'm worried about is did we expose our biggest weapon in the divisional round - Kaep's running ability? ATL will absolutely come prepared for that.
No, we have a secret weapon...Mike Nolan! We all remember that when Mike was here, he has two blind spots in his otherwise stellar defensive mind. Mike Nolan has never seemed to know what to do with running QBs, look at Atlanta's record against scramblers and running QBs, not great. Also even after a life time of football he does not seem to know the TE is an eligible receiver, I look for Walker and Davis to tear it up! As for when Atlanta has the ball, we are built to stop pass first teams, we man handle them, the Sea-f*gs would have been more of a challenge, or the Vikings, but Atlanta is another pass first, pinball game light it up moderen offense, exactly what we excel against! Time to end a 24 year drought, and go win one on the road!
A little bit, but by the fans. Harbough has always kept our guys humble! But this game totally isn't going to be as easy, as I've heard some say! GO NINERS!!!!!!
I'm not concerned with our team's mindset at all. They are hungry for a Superbowl. You can feel it during their interviews and the way they are playing. I'm telling you guys, the 49ers are focused and are poised to go to the Superbowl and win it. Trust me. I respect the Falcons and what they have done this year. Kudos to them. But I feel like they don't match up to our team at all. They have some impressive pieces here and there, but overall, they are not at the level of the Niners. Colin is becoming a super star in front of all our eyes. They have confidence in what they are going to do, and I have confidence that they go to Atlanta, take care of business, and then give them 2 week to prepare for the Superbowl. Go Niners!!
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