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Favorite All-time 49ers Run Plays

over looked the evidence and well IMO its gotta be this one:

Originally posted by KEGster:
Not trying to stir the pot but

1) Alex's run vs NO (based on the situation)
2) Kaep run vs GB
3) Hearst run vs Jets
4) Young's run vs MIN

Those four stick out in my mind. The others were great runs, but not as impactful as the aforementioned.
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Originally posted by jimrat:

Forgotten gem:

Perhaps the most amazing thing in that video is that Cofer didn't hook the extra point.
Steve Young had a TD run against the Colts, where he looked like he was going to head out of bounds but instead turned it upfield, and then ran over a db to get in the endzone. I can't find it though.
any 3rd & 1 greg roman jumbo package
Wasn't quite as I remembered it...

Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Didn't Maurice Hicks have an 80 something yarder against the Vikings or Rams?

But seriously :-).

1. Alex Smith's run in the Catch 3

2. Hearst's 96 yard run in OT

3. Roger Craig doing his Earl Campbell impression vs. the Rams

4. Kaep killing the Packers. Pick a run. Any run.

5. Steve Young's 49 yarder verses Minnesota.

lol how is Smith's run number 1? It wasnt even the deciding score, and wasnt that impressive outside being a great play call.

Hearsts run was the best of all time.
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1. Young vs Vikes
2. Kap vs Packers
3. A. Smith vs Saints

3 bests and all by qb's

Originally posted by Gore_21:
All 3 of those plus Alex's run which I would have #1 out of those 4.. Down the list Gore had a 80 and 79 yarder against the Seahawks in a 206 yard day.

The 2 runs are here..

5 seconds in and 1:20 in

And way down the list but was still cool at the time... (a little bit different than Kap)

here is young's run...

I wish Gore was still that fast.
1) Young's run vs Vikes. Was there and remember how incredibly exciting it was
2) Hearst run in OT
3) Kaps run vs Pack
4) Smiths run vs NO
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