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Niners first offensive play against the Falcons

bubble screen to aj jenkins 15 yd gain

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Originally posted by hofer36:
kaepernick to aj jenkins-80 yard td pass

hes just a decoy, though a bad one at that
Originally posted by hofer36:
kaepernick to aj jenkins-80 yard td pass

They'd never be expecting it, I'll give you that........
LaMicheal 95 yard kick return for a TD.
80 yard TD pass to Vernon
Anything to Vernon Davis over say 18 yards. Zach Miller who is good but no where near the athletic ability as Davis had 8 for 142 against Atlanta. The Atlanta LB's and Safeties cannot cover for s**t.
Shotgun formation, fake to the RB, rollout, deep pass VD for like 40 yards in which he will point to the name on his jersey like Moss does. After a 7 yard Gore run and an incomplete pass that Walker will drop, Kaep will run the pistol for a long TD.
Originally posted by Allx9er:
pass to walker

who drops it

Probably this actually.
Kaep pistol formation run 20 yards...
Drop by Delanie Walker

Gore runs between the guard and right tackle straight at Abraham for 7 yards.
Alex Smith lines up at flanker. He shifts to under center and Colin shifts to flanker. Alex throws a lateral to Colin who heaves it to Moss for a TD.
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Originally posted by 9inermaniac:
Deep post to Moss for TD
If Moss could hit them deep early, Nolan would have to take FS attention away from Kap. This would be huge..
Jimmy Raye flea flicker
Following a timeout, handoff to Boldin for a gain of 2...
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