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Our time to win is NOW..

Originally posted by TheWooLick:
But the Niners simply did just that in March of 2008.

True, but we don't have Mike Nolan to recruit guys like that anymore.
Originally posted by KEGster:
Player - Age. Keep in mind anyone over 30 should be treated as: injury & cut at any moment.

QB: Kaepernick - 25
RB: Gore - 29
TE: V.Davis - 28
WR: Crabtree - 25

T: Staley - 28
G: Lupati - 25
G: Boone - 25
T: A.Davis - 23

DT: Sopoaga - 31
DT: I.Williams - 23
DT: McDonald - 28
DE: J.Smith - 33
DE: A.Smith - 23

LB: Brooks - 28
LB: Bowman - 24
LB: Willis - 27

S: Whitner - 27
S: Goldson - 28
CB: Rogers - 31
CB: Brown - 28
CB: Culliver - 24
CB: Cox - 25

So , let's add it up
< 25: A.Davis, I.Williams, A.Smith, Bowman, Culliver

25-28: Kaepernick, V.Davis, Crabtree, Lupati, Boone, Staley, McDonald, Willis, Brooks, Whitner, Goldson, Brown, Cox

> 29: Gore, Sopoaga, J.Smith, Rogers
Can't argue with your logic and those numbers. I was definitely thinking of J. Smith and F. Gore in my previous post. I am not confident that we yet have a suitable replacement for J. Smith. I would like to see some more great young blood on the D-line and on the corners. The second Seahawks game as well as the other losses, and the way things work in the NFL, shows that what seems like a huge window has the tendency to slam shut earlier than we might want it to. Regardless of how extensive their window is, the 49ers are here now and there is no better opportunity than right now, nothing is promised tomorrow.
Originally posted by vrabbit:
if Kaepernick is even 75% of what he was on Saturday on a regular basis, the window is wide open, the defense won't have to carry us anymore

While I agree that if Kaep can play like that going forward we are in great shape, I just don't think you can count on a running qb in the NFL. Its been proven over and over and there has not been a team that relied on that to win Superbowls.

He will start to take hits and that will add up (like Steve Young). I've said this and saw on ESPN today that Eric Mangenie (sp?) say that teams will start to defend us with the attitude of just hit the qb. Everytime we try the read option, a player just hits Kaep no matter if he keeps or hands off. This will be allowed since he is a runner in that situation. Do we allow that to happen? I sure hope not, can't afford to get Kaep hurt or we are doomed in the future.

Maybe I'm wrong but thats what I would do. I'd take a huge run by Frank over a huge Keap run with the thought that I could put the qb out of the game with a few big hits. Anyway, I want to win it bad this year with this team, they all deserve it as do we.

Can never take anything for granted and who knows who we will be able to keep in FA going forward or if injuries will pop up. Win now for sure!
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