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Marvin, I'm new here but I really enjoy your write up and I don't understand why you are catching heat on a subject that was still a question mark for a lot of fans. The week leading up to the Greenbay game the question was did Harbaugh make the right decision switching QBs? The question was answered emphatically on Saturday night. So I don't see the harm of writing up a review and making points about the quarterback switch finally being answered. You just pointed out the truth on the matter that Colin brings more explosiveness to this offense. It's not a knock on Alex or a point to kick him while he's down It's just silly to me for anyone to take it that way.

Anyway I'm sure this won't discourage you from expressing your thoughts after this weeks game win or lose but I look forward to reading it. Keep up the good work!
I agree with all of this, but especially the bolded.