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What was you reaction to the pick 6?

First thot was "unh oh". More generally I would like to second most of cc's comments above.

Kap deserved to be there....and he definitely overshadowed Rodgers.

Roman called a great game, but this has been so spotty, up and down, that I won't be sad to see him go. This was a superbly called game, however. How much was roman, how much Coach H, i dunno. I too was afraid we would lose this game, not by players, but by roman's gameplan. I didn't give him enough credit, but as noted by cc, roman should have been calling great games all yr...unhhh, unlike the SEA fiasco, a total coaching failure.

joe i disagree w/ you cc, as I thot joe has done a great job, including the first GB game when he gave up only 1 sack to Clay M. It makes a heckuva difference in pass blocking if the guy you are blocking for is fleet as a deer, and elusive besides. The entire OL did bully the Pack, and I wonder how we could possibly 27th or something like that. This game probably brot up our OL pass blocking stats, but much of that is due to Kap.

As for passrush, cc, altho it has not been top notch, it did do well Sat nite.We got a sack, p52 i think, but there were lots of rodger's throwaways...and a number occurred on 1st down which put the heat on him to get 10 yds in next two plays...leading to a bunch of 3 and outs, something rodgers is not used to. The same pass crabs scored on, so did GB. That is a tough sucker to defend over the middle even with tight coverage. As for passrush in general, sometime in 2nd qtr, stats on Rodgers were 8 hurries, 11 knockdowns, a sack, and 6 throwaways. Not bad.

One final note about kap, and that is a CB was quoted as saying, "man, i didn't know he was that fast". Well, he is, and those 5, 7 and 9 step drops which killed us with alex in there, went from 10 , 14, and 18 feet to 15, 21 and 27 foot dropbacks. Colin has a huge stride, and when he drops back 7 steps he is 21 or more feet from LOS. That helped slow down their passrush some, but the kid's outright elusiveness is hard to get a fix on, mainly because he is so tall. And talk about an advantage of throwing over oncoming passrushers , wow, does he have it. If he is going to throw into the flat and it is a 15 yrd pass or longer, being tall doesn't help and that pick proved it. Unfricking believeable game and a show like many of us, fans and others, have never seen. His 440 some yds of total offense....ummm...doesn't get much better than that.
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I beat my son
Originally posted by socalniner:
I beat my son

LMAO! Father of the yr award goes to you my good sir!

Was this posted? CK knows how to bounce back!

On Nov. 25 against the Saints, Kaepernick threw a second-quarter interception. He didn't get the ball again until the third quarter, but when he did, he led the 49ers on an 80-yard touchdown drive. He finished it with a six-yard touchdown pass to Frank Gore.

On Dec. 16 against the Patriots, Kaepernick threw his second interception of the season. The 49ers got the ball back on the New England three and ran for a touchdown, so that doesn't really factor into this discussion. But Kaepernick's first pass after the interception was a 27-yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree.

On Dec. 23 against the Seahawks, Kaepernick threw his third interception of the season. (It was picked off by Seahawks corner Richard Sherman, who presumably did not stop talking for the entire play.) The next time he got the ball, Kaepernick led the 49ers on a 90-yard touchdown drive, capped by his 18-yard touchdown pass.

That's three interceptions followed immediately by three touchdown passes. A small sample size, I know. But there is more:

On Dec. 2, Kaepernick was called for intentional grounding in the end zone, giving the Rams a safety. He responded by leading the 49ers on a 94-yard drive that ended in a field goal.

In that same game, Kaepernick fumbled on a lousy play call -- the 49ers ran a risky option-pitch in their own territory with a 10-2 lead. The Rams scored and tied the game. Kaepernick immediately led the 49ers on a 65-yard drive that ended in a field goal.

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