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What was you reaction to the pick 6?

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i was not pleased but if his short history is any clue, i figured he would come back in a positive way. i also knew there was no way we would see alex. ck has built up enough good will by his good play that he should be allowed to play himself out of a funk. we saw it before.. its funny I do not remember a single thing that the great a rogers did on saturday. he was 100 per cent over shadowed. the only reason i thought we would lose this game is due to roman and his play calling. he called a good game and i was pleased but i still hope he goes. I am not going to reward roman for calling a good game in one game,.. that is the way he should have been calling in all games this year. i still think staley is over rated but he did well on mathews. it was nice to see our offensive line get back to imposing their will, that bully mentality has been lacking in the last month so i am glad that is back. why we can not get a pass rush going is beyond me and if we lose a game from here on out,, it will be because of that in my opinion.. this must be addressed in the off season. alls well that ends well but come on man,, one sack vs that line? please
I was like sh$% than my co-workers started to talking sh$% (damn Packer fans) told them the game is not over yet we will see who gets the last laugh....
In my section at the game there were several Packer fans ragging on us because we had on our #7 jerseys and when Colin threw the pick they really let us have it along with some Niners fans which was odd but when Colin got that first td we made it so loud it was gratifying. It was strange however to see Niner fans celebrating the interception by starting a faint chant of "We Want Alex" then become relatively quiet when the Niners start moving the ball up and down the field.
For a sec, felt like this was going to be like the regular season Giants game. Starting out hot on an opening drive, and then killing all momentum and losing bad.

But for some odd reason, I wasnt worried. Felt that Kaep could bring us back. Havent felt that way in a long time.
all i was thinking was that it was going to be ok, he needed something like to happen to start the fire under his *** and get going
i thought it was gonna be one of those and done...
Mildly annoyed but that was it... a pick six is never a good thing, but to get all worked up about it that early in the game is pointless... That, and quite frankly, I believe in Kaepernick. Dude is a straight up baller.
I was just thinking happy thoughts. I try not to freak out on a game unless it's completely out of reach.
it was early I know we bounce back

Im a super negative guy, I turned to my brother and said "well this Sh*ts over!"
this is going to sound like I'm saying I'm the almighty and I have some great foresight into what will happen or whatever. That is not the case, I wasn't that worried, I went in expecting at least one big mistake and he did it very early then went into straight up beast mode. I didn't think a performance of the ages like Kaep had would happen but I remained confident
Cursed up a storm and almost punched a hole in my wall, lol. But a small part of me thought it was actually good he threw that pick 6 so he could get over his jitters and nerves. Pray he doesn't do that against the Falcons lol, but it was the kids 1st playoff game. Had a sh*t load of confidence he would overcome it and bounce right back and lead us down the field to tie the game. And low and behold....I was right.
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I think what made me/us even more worried was because we got the ball first...and the Packers were going to get the ball after halftime.

because of that I kind of looked at it as a 14-0 deficit. But again, at least it happened on the VERY first drive..and not in the middle or late in the game. whew.
When I saw it the first thing I said was "I knew it!". I was worried and upset. Great he rebounded tho.
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