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Player of the game should go to......

Kaep is obvious. Unfortunately however there are no stats for offensive lineman. But Staley made Clay Matthews almost a complete non-factor on an injured arm. POTG goes to Kaep and the O-line. All the skill players benefited from the dominance of the line. The defense played great team ball.
My guy CJ Spillman, changed the whole game
Originally posted by allday:
My guy CJ Spillman, changed the whole game

He is always around the ball. Love that kid.
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Of course it is Kaep, but I think special mention should go to three players: Boone for catapulting himself from practice squad (right?) to quality starter, Staley for playing at a high level through incredible pain, and J. Smith for playing very solid with a partially torn triceps (seriously, who else in the league does that and still dominates?). Harbaugh, though not a player, deserves tremendous credit for pulling a switch mid-season that I'm not sure any other coach in the league other thank Billicheck would have had the balls to do. If it had not worked out, he'd be the poster child for bad decision making. Now that it has, we have to give the guy tons of credit. He is a genius, and he is the best QB coach/developer in the NFL today.
Delanie Walker!
Originally posted by shinndiesel:
KYLE WILLIAMS. If it wasnt for him, we wouldn't be as hungry as we are this year.

Love this! Seriously...he and Justin Smith. It's Ray Lewis-like passion.

And to think we did this with three critical pieces on offense missing: Kyle Williams, Mario Manningham and Kendall Hunter.

Imagine when these guys come back next year along with our 75 draft pics and FA and salary cap position.
Originally posted by allday:
My guy CJ Spillman, changed the whole game

Yea he's a special teams ace for sure.
Staley is tougher than a $2 steak
Kaep is player of the game, but Staley definitely gets a game ball. To play through the pain and play well with one arm was hard fought, he is a guy you want to go to war with.
Just read what EVERY sport writers and TV announcers and even the Packers GM have to say. Sure that Joe Staley and Justin Smith played one hell of a game but the way Kaepernick was playing, he would have still won even if Staley's and Justin Smith weren't playing. It was just his night.

Their replacements may not be as good but would have been good enough to get the win.

People need to give credit where credit is due and stop the prejudistic attitude just because you don't like the guy.

The bottom line is " If you're a true 49er fan", you should be ecstatic of what he had just accomplished ... demolishing a record for a QB. A 2nd year player with little experience at that.

Real tough call.

Kap was the star AND Staley was the Man!
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Originally posted by NCommand:
Delanie Walker!

Always with a BIG drop or two.... or three....
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Believe it or not DB's. They were out there battling all night vs the strength of their team.
I know Kaep was awesome but my vote goes to Staley. Without his dominance does Kaep get his running lanes?
1. CK7
2. Crabtree
3. Entire OL
4. Greg Roman
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