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Player of the game should go to......

If Kaepernick didnt have your attention before, he does now.

pro debut as a starting NFL qb? MNF against a very good Bears team. Killed it.

2nd ever start, going on the road out to the loud Superdome against Drew Brees? Wins there too.

Out to NE cross country to play Tom Brady and arguably the best team in the NFL, in their house during winter where they dont lose. Kaep has a career passing day, and saves the defenses butts with a clutch TD drive late to take the lead back.

Now he goes toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers in his first ever playoff game. Throws a pick 6, shrugs it off, and has arguably the best all purpose QB day of all time.

Pressure does not get to this guy. Hes still so raw, but he has the command and cool of a veteran. Hes going to be special.
It's Kaep. But I have to say, I love how Staley single handedly made Clay Mathews a none factor.
And i understand Staley was blocking Matthews with 1 arm, and the OL was great, but Kaep made a crap-ton of nothing into something tonight. Most of his runs were due to pressure, not designed.

Kaep has to be player of the game.
kaep by far
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Kaep is the player of the game...but that doesn't mean other players didn't put on a show as well. Staley and rest of the OL was amazing! Crab is a legit no.1 WR in the game and makes a lethal duo with Kaep. Gore willed his way to another 100 yard game and that huge catch on the 2nd drive.

Defense was great. Our CBs played so well. There were soooooo many times Rodgers got plenty of time to throw the ball - but he couldn't find open guys. Our secondary played at a very high level - because we couldn't get pressure on Rodgers consistently.
KAEP. Obvious. Broke an NFL record kids.

Shout out to the o-line fo sho.
Justin Smith is a MAN. Look up the definition and if his picture isn't there you're reading the wrong dictionary.

Joe Staley is a BOSS. You gotta play hurt. He played with one arm and dominated Clay Matthews. Think that's easy? Go out there and try it.

Frank Gore is a STUD. He just keeps grindin'.

Michael Crabtree is a PIMP. Nobody callin' him a busted first-rounder anymore. There's still hope for A.J. Jenkins.

Colin Kaepernick is THE ONE. All props to Alex Smith, and maybe he could have made one of those plays. Maybe even two. But ALL of those plays? Nuh-uh.

Morpheus told us, "He is the one" and I believe in THE ONE.
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
This. Really is it a question. This stuff happens in HIGH SCHOOL games.

First, just the fact nobody has quoted this yet is beyond me... He almost put up a triple double... Literally one pass and run away from a 300/200 day by himself with a 300/300 day for the team...

Originally posted by 49erFanInTX83:
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Kaep was of course. Other players had rea,lly nice games as well, but Kaep clearly was ready for that moment. What a performance.
Staley and Kapp for me. The way Staley played against someone like Matthews is no easy task and Staley didnt let down his QB. And Kapp with those numbers with the limited starts, he just out gunned Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs!
Originally posted by Jcool:
Kaep: 444 total yards and 4 TDs player of the game.

Agree he played a great game .
You know the team is playing lights out when a question like this one should be easy to answer, but isn't.
Player of the game has to go to: Kap, Staley, Crabs, GORE (IMO he deserves a super bowl ring above everyone else on this team), and the O line.
Now bring on the seacox for our sweet revenge...
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