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Player of the game should go to......

Who's not giving Kap his due? I said he was amazing didn't I? Staley however I think had the best game of anyone on the field.....He completely shut down an all-pro pass rusher with one arm.

heart and soul
Staley or the entire o-line.
Uh cmon guys the player of the game is COLIN qb ever rushed for that many yards in a game the history of the NFL. and he threw for another 260 and 2 tds. AN all-time perfomance.
Everybody on offense
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Kaep -- 263 yds passing 2TD and 189(?)rushing 2TD. Only a pick 6 early put a bit of a damper, but that's an outstanding playoff game for any qb.

This. Really is it a question. This stuff happens in HIGH SCHOOL games.
None of that happens without great line play.
Boobie Dixon. He ran for a TD and danced.
I like what Kap did with his feet. Gore was very very strong. More Gore please. Staley looked like a different player in the 2nd half. Hope it was not just painkillers. The play calling was a little weird. but it worked overall due to Oline very strong play and CK speed and read. I think I am cursed having experienced the true west coast offense. Where is the consistent downfield yardage, the 3 and <5, the inexorable 12 play 75 yeard drives 5 min? Oh well I am old school.I have to say between Gore and CK, CK wins. 185 on the ground though is not what will get him into the hall though. Please work on air game. By next week. Thx.

PS -- Spillman did make some righteous plays on Special teams.

PPS -- D had 1 sack tonight. Boo.

PPPS -- Kudos to Aaron Rogers, played a fine fine game under adverse conditions. Ck was was a little better though on the groun.

(Out run by our guy though).
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Staley had a great game but the player of the game was never more obvious. Kaep bounced back from a pick 6 to utterly destroy the pack Defense. Spotted them 7 and then basically go on to win by 21 if not for the garbage TD.

Mad respect to Staley. Now he needs to get rest and have the same perfomance next week
Kaep without a doubt.
Spillman since he spark our mojo back!
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Colin Kaepernick just forced the folks at EA Sports to totally revamp their Madden Engine going forward..
It goes to Kaep.

But Honorable mentions go to

Culiver (they were picking on him all day and he heald up. Only one big play against him, and he as in perfect position, just couldnt elivate as high as Jones, And really that play was on Goldson, who was late on his break and should have been over top)

Great game.
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