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NFL REPLAY: Season Opener at Green Bay TODAY 5pm

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staley really sucked balls this game, Alex played really well

The good thing is that Staley usually bounces back from bad performances. Now lets see if he can do it vs the same player.

As for the Jenkins comment, LMJ is exactly what can kill an over pursuing team like GB. Hunter hurt them bad and LMJ is more talented.

I'm sure that broken nose early in the game didn't help. I remember Staley saying he couldn't breath through his nose the entire game.

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Our OL usually plays far better at home, so I expect a strong performance from all 5 guys. On offense I'm most worried about our lack of quality WRs and Crabtree potentially struggling like he did in last year's playoffs when he and VD were our only serious threats.
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They'll show Sundays opener Wed on NFLN

for the NFL films highlights and mic'd bits
My program guide says NFL Replay "Game of the Week" tonight at 6pm PT. I'm guessing (and hoping) it's fudgepack vs. Niners, but does anyone know for sure? I mean it could be Falcons-Saints (pretty close game), Bucs-Jets (lame but still a nail-biter), Raiders-Colts (GW TD run by Luck), Giants-Cowboys (close game filled with bizarre, wacky plays) or even Ravens-Broncos (Manning 7 TD passes). I stiil think a replay of our Niners but don't know.
yup, it is 6 pm tonite, NFL network. 9/11/13
Kaep's spirals are so beautiful.
does darrelle revis have an "a football life" already....fool's still playing

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