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Football Gameplan's 2013 NFC Divisional Preview - SF v GB

Good morning Niner fans! Good luck this week!

makes sense to me bro
Good stuff Em, nice analysis and production quality!
I like you em but any breakdown of the 49ers without mentioning gore is weak at best. Our wideouts are randy moss and micheal crabtree thats pretty much it right now. This game is all about the 49ers running game. Justin smith? His status is the biggest question of the game. You have done better!
Great analysis, loved the pick!
Great analysis and you are doing a great job.....especially with drawing up plays and your presentation skills have improved. Have a great weekend and great pick!
Originally posted by JayPap:
Great analysis, loved the pick!

Thanks Gang! It'll be interesting to see what new wrinkle you guys will have for this game with Kaep at the helm.
Good break down, I'd be interested in hearing you break down our dime defense when they pull Willis/bowman for an extra DB against Rodgers.
Great Job, Em!

You have improved immensely since over the last few seasons! Good Luck on your future Network gig!

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