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We will only go as far as our Run O/Run D take us.

Originally posted by sacniner:
We need to establish the run game. Also, Kap needs to check down when s**t isn't there deep. I think we are going to win if we have the longer, grinding drives and less of the deep strikes. Keep Rodgers on the sideline. I think we went from too many check downs to not enough in the passing game.

Agreed. Would also appreciate a few good screen passes. When was the last time we ran a screen?
Originally posted by Jersey9er: But when they were able to stop Peterson, to a certain degree, then we should be in for a long day on the ground.

Honestly they were only able to stop Peterson because no one is scared of Joe Webb. That guy threw more passes to his receivers feet than he did to his receivers.

If we played Joe Webb we'd go cover 0 every play.
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