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The Green Bay Jinx

I ask all fellow web zoners to participate. For the next seven days i want you to touch everything green you see. By doing so you establish power over all things green. By the time Saturday gets here the packers will be so drained of power that the only result for the game is niners dominance. Failing to do so could be detrimental to niners success. Touch everything green.
Somebody needs to take their medicine.
I just touched some horse s**t
LOL wut
Hang on, Im stroking all of my Xbox 360 games. brb
I just touched green boogers on a dirty napkin in the trashcan outside mcdonalds
Dude... there's a lot of trees outside here.
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Lol I would high five u if I knew u
Apparently sombodies been putting his hands on ALOT of green, too much if u know what I mean, put that out, no smoking
I just coughed up some green phlegm and smeared it with my hand.

Hope that works
i'm smoking something green
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