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Jerry Rice - Chasing History

Good watch for the bye week if you want to avoid the networks sucking off the Peacocks this week.
That'll work quite nicely. Thanks for posting that.

As an aside, it's nice to see actual catches called catches...and that being the end of it.

Edit: A final note, regarding Rice's work ethic and obsession for detail. Over the years, as Rice the man has drifted into Rice The Legend, it seems that the once legendary "49er's way" regarding work ethic and obsession for detail has taken a back seat, so as to burnish Rice's legendary status. These days we're fed heaping spoonfuls about work ethic, commitment, and obsession, either through the NFL or the monotonous drone of its sponsors. You can't help but wonder, though, how do today's players really stack up? Not just to Rice, but to the old 49er's way?
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Man even though I've already seen this, I watched it again and I couldn't help but tearing up a little bit.

It's amazing to think of how great a player and person we got to enjoy for so long. Rice is one of the only players who could leave the 49ers for the Raiders and Seahawks and I would actually cheer for those teams and for him to do well.
The man was so obsessed with detail he would tape his jearsey to keep it in place.
Thanks for posting this.
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Thanks for posting this.

No prob
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