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Do any of u see what i see? is Aldon smith taking plays off?

Originally posted by asyouwerebanddotcom:
I love Aldon smith but honestly as of late he looks very lazy like he just takes ALOT of plays off. Not even 1 sack in the last 3 games which would be ok if he tried hard but I see him stop mid play and a lot of times not even go after the running back etc. almost like he's waiting for someone else to tackle like he's a spectator on the sideline. it's really bothering me. I always watch the niners with a big group and they all saw the same thing. What do u all think.

Aldon Smith.... I predict this threat will have many curios threads with similar titles, and I'll say this now... I get the feeling he's an LT character, and we're at his mercy.
iv noticed the same thing too an one thing iv always questioned is his conditioning. not just cause he isnt gettin sacks but look at what wev heard about him since hes been a stabbed at a party at his own house...parties gets paid to do it. dont get me wrong im young too im all for the have fun while you can but some people just use the YOLO saying as an excuse to party an get fd up everyday. if you only live once why would you wanna spend your whole life drunk messed up or doin the same kinda partying your whole life. thats no way to live an, just like they swear by you only live once, so why dont u make it worth it your only time rather than not bein able to remember any of it. i think he doesnt work out like the other plays does i think he doesnt practice like the other players do, being a first rd pick an the cetner of alot of attention i think right now he cares more about partying than conditioning, practicing or preparing for the next opponent/ playoffs. i know everyones body is bult differently but look at him compared to the rest of the LBs in the league that are his height weight an size. he looks tall an slender. hes a NFL LB he should be built like a machine and ripped haha. thats why i said everyone built differently for all we know he could hit the weights more than anyone else but from the looks of it he doesnt really care about his condition. ya j smith bein gone makes a difference but iv noticed this since the beginning of the year. i was always wondering if he was gonna have a year like last year so i kept an eye on him. alot of the stuff people have said in here are correct, he gives up on plays early alot, he half-asses plays alot, he has a hard time tackling for how big he is. those nfl articles were right in saying he isnt the best at stopping the run, he doesnt really try too hard to get off blocks an even tho everyone talks about his length an long arms he cant wrap up or tackle rbs with his arms. everyone talks about his length but i think thats all it is he just has long arms if i were that big an an nfl lb id pack on as much muscle as i could fit. dudes tall he should be ripped look at him tho he looks soft. but like i said im just a fan this is just what it looks like from a viewing standpoint, for all we know he could workout harder than the rest of the team but doesnt look like he cares about conditioning at all, hes not half as big as he could be an gets tired really quick. hope im wrong
Watch his motor in the Playoffs....thread will end
Is Aldon Smith taking plays off? No. Is his play a lot less effective since J.Smith has been out with the bicep injury? Yes. Hopefully that will change when J.Smith returns whether he is back to his normal self or not.
Originally posted by Tigerlaw:
Originally posted by Niners99:
Are you serious? A huge part of his game is based on Justin Smith. Thats why he stopped getting sacks. Theyre like a 1-2 punch. Smith creates the lane, and Aldon puts the heat on the QB. Hes a free lance pass rusher, so hes looking for a blitzing lane. Theres not much he can do if he gets caught behind good blocking. It makes no sense to call him lazy after 19.5 sacks in 14 games. You could tell immediately in the Pats game when Smith got hurt that it affected him.

A huge part of his game is using his freakish wing span for power and leverage.

Not sure if you are aware but he has an injured shoulder. Prior to the NE game Aldon Smith had not been participating in practices so he could heal. DURING the NE game he clearly injured himself when he hit Brady. They even talked about it during the broadcast and showed a replay.

Aldon hasn't been the same since Justin left because that also happens to be the same time he injured his shoulder.

Aldon Smith can generate pressure without the stunt move. He has steamrolled tackles back all by his lonesome on a few occasions.

Let us all hope his drop-off in production is due to the shoulder and the BYE lets him rest up.

Yes, he can bowl right over OL in his way. That bodes well for life without Justin Smith someday. But, teams are double teaming him now. Its not only the shoulder issue, he just gets pushed back out of the play by multiple guys. With Justin Smith back, he occupies the guys who push Aldon out.
Yea I think it might be that shoulder Haven't seen him do any moves since the dolphins game
also how often in the last 3 weeks has he been forced off the LOS by players moving out into the slot? i know th epatriots did it a lot with edelman and welker.

With experience will come knowledge on how to conserve energy during plays but not lose the impact. I don't think he knows how to play without going full speed yet. There's times when he can be just as effective by using veteran tactics over full excertion.
he should get a lot of help from our playoff bye!!! again...thank you adrian peterson for beating the packers!!!

That ne game took a lot out of the entire defense.
Let a 3rd sting screen door LT beat him like a rented mule all day. Smith has a lot to do with it but I think he was unmotivated in the last game.
Originally posted by leakyfausett:
Let a 3rd sting screen door LT beat him like a rented mule all day. Smith has a lot to do with it but I think he was unmotivated in the last game.

That article by Lynch on our home page essentially says the same thing. He used the word "disinterested" and that summed it up. His apparent lack of effort ( I've noticed it the last few games) had me very frustrated. As someone previously posted, maybe his lifestyle, which has gotten some press, in case you haven't noticed, has caught up with him. However, to be so gassed within site of the playoffs, is inexcusable. I'm not seeing it from the other players and hopefully, he gets a second wind for the home stretch. He will need to be in much better shape next season, since he will be keyed upon more and more, and Justin won't be around forever, to take some of that heat!
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