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If Fangio leaves, who would you want at DC?

If Fangio leaves, who would you want at DC?

I like the Ed Donatell or Tomsula routes. I really don't want to loose Tomsula, but always like DB coaches for DC.

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Greg Manusky
Ray Horton
then coach T..,.....he does good work with those rbs
jerry sloan
michael jordan
Even if gired...

Jimmy Raye
Ummmm, Jim Tomsula is our D-Line coach, not RB coach. But I'd say Ed Donatell or Jim Leavitt.

Mike Singletary is getting 30% of the vote so far!!
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Jimmy Raye

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Rex Ryan isnt getting fired..

Kentawn Balmer
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
Rex Ryan (soon to be gired NYJ coach)

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