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Old Justin Smith Article which side are you on?

Old Justin Smith Article which side are you on?

p willy is descending. is this a comedy website. patrick willis wont descend until the day he retires, when you go from having a defense with 1 or 2 stars on it to a defense with all 11 starters being stars, individual players stop getting 100% of the attention. in other words patrick is no longer our only good player on D, at this point their all great thats why they all get attention instead of just patrick. an hes not doin everything he used to cuz he doesnt need to hes got ballers surrounding him to do their jobs that he had to do before.
Stop reading when he said Willis is decsending
Originally posted by Willisfn4life:
Originally posted by rxrunner:
Willis sucks, trade him for tebow now!!!

Maybe if we throw in a foot massager with that deal then we can get Darrel Revis... .

i was thinking more along the lines of a douche machine for............. Tebow and the ball boy!