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We need to pull offence heavy teams in playoffs.

Why do we struggle so much against defence heavy teams?

I really believe we could play the packers, texans, falcons, Patriots and Broncos week in and week out and beat them. But soon as we come up against a team that's defence is really good boom we go to s**t. And utter s**t, it's like we don't even look half good we look like the freakin chiefs.

Facts wins against Packers, Patriots, Lions, Saints. Losses against Giants, Seahawks the f**king Rams and Vikings.

Granted the only one against the grain was the Bears but in fairness they imploded just before they played us so we got lucky there, a few weeks before and we might have had our issues.

I think if we can land lucky in the playoffs and have offence based teams Packers, Falcons, Redskins or Saints we could get to the Superbowl, if we pull Vikings, Seahawks Giants we could be f**ked.

That's what I think anyway. Can anyone work out what are chances would be to pull the first run in.
it's because our offense is good but not great.
I recall during the Carroll drafts, watching them pick up lots of Dline talent and other D player that I started to get worried.

I truly believe, the wars are won in the trenches. We lost it on both sides of the ball.
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