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Two wins, then get boatraced.....

Wow...such loyalty I've never seen before . If you call yourself a real Niner fan, you don't give up on them because they got waxed in Seattle. They'll take out their frustrations on 'Zona...take it to the bank. That wins them the NFC West. The rest is out of their hands...but the Vikes have been one of the surprise teams this year and their 23-6 win in Houston was impressive. Can they beat The Pack...why not? GB has the elite QB, Minn the elite RB. I'd give the Vikes the edge on defense. Who knows...
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
u cant run gore when you need to score 30 points to catch up because it takes to long to do it with the run. they were in pass mode after that fieldgoal block TD. the big problem i see is justin being out. we need to beat arizonas ass next week to regain some momentum and hopefully the vikes can pull the upset and get us that 2 seed. an extra week can mess u up sometimes but in our case with all these injuries we need it. smith and VD give us a hell of a better chance to get to the superbowl than without them

understood. but from the first play the game plan early was to throw the ball.
All this shows is that the problems the team need to rectify really aren't centered around qb or kicking, but are team wide.
The easy target is our lack of offensive diversity. Whether the conservative play calling is coming from Harbaugh or it's Roman's shortcomings or both is difficult to measure. Fact of the matter is that our simplistic offense is not difficult for opponents to scheme. What happens as a result? We put way too much pressure on our defense and they get worn out by the end of the year. When watching last weeks game against the Hawks, not sure if I was watching the Niners or the latest episode of Walking Dead.

Sure we've had a few games where we've broken out of the chains and put up big offensive numbers but I don't think this is bread and butter Harbaugh/Roman offensive football and it's certainly playing above their comfort level. But guess what? There are times when we need to put up points. There are times we need to play catch up football. This means that we have to RELY on the offense and rely on complex passing plays.

Until our offensive line can learn to pass block as a unit, until our offense can learn to produce in the redzone, until our offensive coordinators can consistantly draw up plays over 15 yards that stand a chance of working the offense impodes and we go back to the same philosopy ie winning games with our defense and our field goal kicker.

Am I the only one who thinks this is frustrating? Bill Walsh is probably spinning in his graves watching Niner games in heaven.
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