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Gore or Watters?

Gore or Watters?

As a franchise back, who would you take?

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Gore all day the dudes heart and desire is unmatchable.
Frank Gore and its not even close
Gore is a true football player.

Watters did it for the glamour and the money and lacked heart.
I voted Gore, but man this poll is a dead heat!
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number 21 on your scorecard, number 1 in your hearts
Originally posted by socalniner:


voted gore but watters is still very much appreciated and i somewhat think under rated round these parts
Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore and did I mention Gore? He's already surpassed Craig as my alltime favorite RB. Never thought that would happen.
Originally posted by USArmyParatrooper:
I voted Gore, but man this poll is a dead heat!

Good one!
I want Gore to get a ring soooo bad!
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