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Has Randy Moss Helped the 49ers?

Has Randy Moss Helped the 49ers?

Of Freakin Course Moss has helped. He still draws double coverage deep which makes the underneath patterns open and aids the running game also HUGE!, its not Moss's Fault that Alex has a Pee Wee arm
Love him. Accepted his role and has been a good role model for the younger guys. If he wants to come back for another year, I say do it.
"I got two more if they let me"

-Moss after catching his TD pass against Pats

wonder if the they = coaching staff
Moss has been invaluable for many of the reasons stated above. I think he still has a ton of value on and off the field. He does so many little things that go unnoticed. That no call OPI in the end zone where Kaep threw a ball that would have been a pick six a couple weeks ago is a prime example. I think another year of teaching our squad and coaches would be worth letting him go for number 2 in receiving yards all time by it self. He still can go deep, he blocks on the outside like Staley, he goes over the middle (his scoring drive over the pats), and still draws a fair amount of coverage. The guys football knowledge makes everyone better, and i think the Niners could benefit by milking him for as long as he wants to play.
Si! Mucho!
Randy Moss has been awesome as a Niner. He has accepted his role on the team and has seemingly been an asset in every aspect of that role. He has been a real positive for the Niners and I hope he remains regardless of how this season ends up.
Is this thread based on irony or is that a serious question? A 15.4 yards per catch average and 3 TD's? Yes, he helps!
I have never been a Moss fan.., until he dawned and represented the 'Class ' that is bequeathed in SF jersey. I have always loved the CLASS this organization has shown in victory as well as defeat . I feared Moss would misrepresent us. Instead , he has NOT disappointed . I like think of him as our NBA equivalent '6th man of the year.' Seems he has been nothing but positive and uplifting to this team. Keep up the good work RM . Soooo thankful we have you and NOT T.O.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:

But of course I've got a major woody for Quinton Patton out of Louisiana Tech who I feel could end up becoming one of the top receivers in football so...............

I agree I would love to have him on out team and yes let's keep Moss 1 more year if he isn't asking more a lot of money...
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