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Has Randy Moss Helped the 49ers?

Has Randy Moss Helped the 49ers?

Yea but he's old and can only help so much. He can't beat press coverage anymore. They still need a deep threat at WR. Not sure what Jenkins can do. We shall see how it turns out but he's helped and hasn't been a problem at all.
Originally posted by lamontb:
Yea but he's old and can only help so much. He can't beat press coverage anymore. They still need a deep threat at WR. Not sure what Jenkins can do. We shall see how it turns out but he's helped and hasn't been a problem at all.

You realize he could have at least another 4 or 5 touchdown's this year if the quarterback's hit hit with accurate deep shots when he had a break on a defensive back. He's still a long touchdown waiting to happen, its just a matter of getting the timing to get the ball down field. He hasn't had much of a hard time beating single man coverage and teams still will play with a safety over the top like New England did after that first touchdown. That opens up the field for other people.
Randy Moss isn't making as many highlight reels as he used to.

But that doesn't mean he's not making plays.

His 49ers teammates are impressed and amazed by the veteran wide receiver's blocking ability, something that's always been obscured his penchant for big-play catches.

Last week, he had a 47-yard touchdown. But he's had plenty of those. The block he dropped on Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes which released Michael Crabtree for a 30-yard catch-and-run earned him respect.

"I've never seen him do that before," running back Anthony Dixon said, via Matt Maiocco of "You saw what it did to our sideline. It inspired everybody to see him do that."

Moss has said part of the reason he enjoys being with the 49ers is learning a new way of offense under coordinator Greg Roman.

"He asks the questions on the smallest details, even in the running game, let alone the passing game that it makes you say, 'That's the question that should be asked right now,'" Roman said. "He understands there are a couple different ways to do things. Also, he understands the game well enough, where he says, 'Have you thought about this?'"

Quarterback Alex Smith said Moss's attention to detail is most obvious when they're dissecting the run game on tape, and Roman said his willingness to block and his effectiveness are a big part of the reason they succeed.

"Starting in the Houston the game, in the preseason, Randy was wearing people out, blocking," Roman said. "And I can't stress enough how professional, how team-oriented Randy Moss is.

"All I can tell you, as a 49er, he's busting tail on everything."

That hasn't always been said about Moss either, but you can't argue that so far, he's a perfect fit with the 49ers.
he motivated Crabtree and that's enough for me, money well spent
Oh definitely, he has made some big plays but his leadership is what he has given the most.
hellz yes! he's a great blocking WR and when he's called upon, he makes plays. He's also a respected leader in the locker room.
Moss has great knowledge with great experience..and helps Kaep on the sidelines...This guy (Moss) has really grown up
we need to sign moss to a 3 yr deal max
Moss is doing what I expected rice to do....he is mentoring the next generation of 49er greats.

Moss has been fantastic, I had a very incorrect opinion of him.
Moss has been exemplary for the 49ers this year, I'm not sure how much longer that lasts beyond this year, if he can come back for another year with this attitude, of course they bring him back.

Simple answer - YES!

He'll be here next season - especially when we win the SBowl.
That TD to Walker in the 2nd quarter happened because Moss had 3 on him....leaving one safety to cover Davis and yes more ways then one.....
Yeah, but he's clearly not the same player he once was. There was a time when Randy mixed it up and fought for passes. He doesn't do that anymore.

I think he has some lingering age/injury issues that have robbed him of his dominance. He's still a very good receiver. But he's not the dominating, take over a game, force he once was.
I say a resounding yes. He may not light up the field like the Moss of old but the influence he has had on our young receivers, particularly crabs, has been priceless.

I remember reading an article back in preseason that Crabs used to sit at the back of meeting and wasn't fully engaged. But when we brought Moss in and crabs saw his work ethic he joined Randy at the front of the class. Just little things like that, teaching our young guys what it is to be a true pro, I think has had a very positive effect on this team.

Sign him up for another 1 year contract.
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as far as i can tell he's been positive for this team. him just being there energizes the locker room.
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