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Message to mods....and to everyone else comment if you agree...

So, I've been posting my "Week X: Thoughts after rewatching the game" for 2 years now. Until now everything has been fine.

All of the sudden over the past 2 weeks someone has gone merge happy and completely jacked up the thread. This week, my opening post doesn't appear until the TENTH page of the thread.

I don't exactly consider myself Nostradamus or something and that peeps can't live without what I have to say, but its become something of a tradition every monday for me to make that post. If you are just gonna screw it up, I won't even bother.
[ Edited by Marvin49 on Dec 17, 2012 at 11:24 AM ]
Just signing the petition. I read Marvin's thread...dont really like having to search for it among posts in another.
Give Marv the OFFICIAL thread.

I agree. Was confused at first because there were two threads with the exact same title. I understand the merger, but the problem was that both original posts were lost deep within the thread. That kind of defeats the purpose of reading the opening post, then commenting on it.
I would like to see this become offical.
agree 100000000000% I want this separate and not merged, Marvin obviously goes through a ton of trouble putting this together, very popular thread also not sure wth it would be merged
we cant lose him
Agree... 100000000000%
[ Edited by TexasGuero49 on Dec 17, 2012 at 11:30 AM ]
Just give Marvin a weekly sticky or something, dude's dedicated.
Make it official before Marvin takes his talents to South Beach.

Check your PM, Marvin. This was not necessary. Thanks.
I agree. I enjoy Marvin49's thread. I was actually looking for it today.
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